Watch 20 Lessons on Unconscious Bias at Work

Unconscious Bias is prejudice we are not aware of. It colors our workplace decisions—from who to hire to what strategies to pursue—all without our knowledge. The costs of these decisions are huge. Workplace discrimination costs U.S. businesses $64 billion in turnover alone. But just because it’s hard to see doesn’t mean it needs to be hard to correct.

To give every company the ability to shine a light on hidden prejudice in 2017, Grovo is sharing part of its new Unconscious Bias curriculum outside its enterprise platform—for free. Below, find 20 micro lessons that are short, shareable, and powerful. In just a few minutes, your team can learn how to spot unconscious bias at work, examine their own biases, and take action.



Track 1: Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Why is it Hard to Talk About Bias?

Understand why it is difficult to admit to having an unconscious bias.

What Does Bias Look Like?

Understand how bias can be felt in our words and actions every single day.


What is Unconscious Bias?

Truly understand the definition of unconscious bias to understand your own.


The Science
of Bias

Learn how your brain processes information to make better decisions.

What About Following Your Instincts?

Examine how unconscious bias and trusting your instincts can co-exist.


How do Biases Shape our sense of Normal?

See how the words “normal” and “different” can create and reinforce bias.


What Types
of Bias Exist?

Understand how different types of unconscious bias affect the workplace.



How Does Bias Impact You and Your Work?

Realize the impact unconscious bias has on yourself and the world around you.



Impact of Bias on Decision Making

Learn how bias can negatively impact your decision-making abilities.


How Does
Bias Feel?

Hear about how bias feels from real people to understand its impact.



Track 2: Address Your Unconscious Biases

What Does it Mean to Address Bias?

Understand the process of addressing personal unconscious biases.


Can I

Change your mindset in a minute by becoming conscious of your own biases.


How Do I Identify My Biases?

Learn how to identify your own biases so that you can overcome them.



How Do I Examine My Own Bias?

Examine your own biases and understand why these are biases you have.

What Does it Take to Change Our Brains?

Learn how to reprogram your brain against unconscious bias.

What Does it Take to Change Our Actions?

Get to know three tactics you can use to minimize bias in your actions.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Diversity Efforts 

Understand how even the best-laid diversity efforts can go wrong.

Key Triggers to Search for Unconscious Bias

Learn 5 brain-related triggers for unconscious bias, so you can prevent them.


How Do I Keep Bias From Influencing My Work?

Access three specific tactics you can use to minimize bias while you work.

Take the
Next Step

Become a role model by explaining your actions and spreading inclusion.


Grovo, a workplace learning innovator, created this program in partnership with national diversity and inclusion leaders from global ad powerhouse FCB.


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