Over the past 6 years, Grovo has worked hand-in-hand with the most forward-thinking companies in the world to redefine learning for today’s workforce. Grovo’s in-house team consulted with diversity experts from global ad agency FCB to develop this new unconscious bias training using the Grovo Method: digestible, bite-sized lessons that combine videos, quizzes, and aha moments to successfully transform employee behavior. Learners will walk away not only with an understanding of what unconscious bias is—including how to spot their own biases—but also with actionable steps to do something about it.


Holly Brittingham
SVP, Global Talent and Org Development

Holly is the SVP of Global Talent and Org Development for FCB Global. She holds a BA in sociology and english from Colby College, an MSOD in organization development from American University, and a Evidence Based Coaching Certificate from Fielding Graduate University. She has over 20 years of professional experience across the high tech, financial services, and entertainment industries. She is an expert in leadership development, talent management and diversity and inclusion


Corey Flournoy
Vice President, Assistant Director, Global Talent Development

Corey is the Vice President, Assistant Director of Global Talent Development at FCB Global. He holds a BS in agricultural and consumer economics from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Agricultural and Extension from Michigan State University.  Prior to joining FCB Global, Corey worked as a business consultant at Creative Outreach Consulting LLC where he helped businesses attract, train, retain and coach the best talent.